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Separate your living space or your office into another functional room. With glass room dividers you can divide two spaces and make a perfect split yet still get all the light exposure and open space. Try wood grain wood doors and achieve a perfect partition that brings high-end design with needed privacy.
So many choices in dividing a room into separate areas and adding character to room space. At home, you can choose to divide your space more efficiently as well as a decorating focus point with our beautiful glass doors. Divide a space, add privacy, hide clutter and increase storage while accenting a room. Share a part of another room to create a playroom, office space, even adding a new bedroom and yet still exposed to light and open space by using glass doors and our designs.

Add a decorative background as well as create coziness by dividing a section off of a bedroom or creating a new office space from a family room. Make it more functional. Room dividers, using glass doors are a fantastic solution for the office. Not only do they give a great appearance but also exposes light and openness. Makeover a waiting area or a conference room without hassle, or divide a large open space into cubicles or create more focused subdivided rooms and offices, so you can get the private area you want while retaining an airy, spacious environment.

The glass sliding doors offered as room dividers give appeal and design to any space. You can choose from colors and frames to make it just the way you like it.

In addition, we offer modern, contemporary, and traditional wood doors, which provide you with even more privacy. Double-sided wooden designs give you the perfect effect on both sides. With our superior selection of colors to pick from and incredible designs, you will feel an incredible sense of perfection.

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