Wood Closet Doors are Gaining Popularity

There are a lot of great ways to save space in a home or room, one of these being installing sliding closet doors. The real selling point for sliding doors is that they offer a lot of flexibility and can be used as effectively in the bedroom or the living room. Wood closet doors are gaining popularity for reasons like:

  • They don’t require extra space since they slide over one another on a single track.
  • They are typically your least expensive option.
  • There is a wide range of quality of doors available in a variety of styles
  • The make you feel a sense of warmth and are inviting to the touch
  • Scratches are easily able to be filled.

Wood Closet Doors Are Strong and Secure

Because it can be used with doors and fashioned into beautiful styles and patterns the market is still very enamored with wood closet doors. Doors by themselves make for a central focal point of a room because they provide a passage way from one area to the next. The door is what we see when we enter and the thing we see when we leave. What else can match the quality and texture of wood, its warm material and heftiness. Manufacturers are aware of the tendency of wood to warp, twist, and cup which is why they have engineered their doors to not do that. It only takes a little extra work and an extra coat of paint or polyurethane once a year to have a door that lasts a life time.

Does a Wood Closet Door Make Sense for You?

Provided your closet is in a bedroom you won’t need to worry about protecting the door from water or heat, which can damage the integrity of the wood. There are a few very common styles of wood closet doors that interior design has used to make beautiful homes. The most common types of doors are:

  • Panel doors are most commonly used in residential buildings and have square or rectangular panels with single or multiple small panels within the panel door.
  • Flush doors offer clean and classic like design option with a very affordable price tag.
  • Bifold doors are most common in bedroom closets, laundry rooms or the kitchen pantry
  • Sliding doors are a less common configuration of two doors that hang and slide along a track.
  • French doors add a dramatic touch with two hinge doors that swing towards one another.

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