The Smart Approach to Using Room Dividers

Even if you are not claustrophobic, you probably feel uncomfortable with a large floor plan. Meanwhile, an open space is far from being useful for a home or office. The room dividers can solve this problem in a flash without any expensive wall building.


4 Types of Room Dividers

Room dividers come in all shapes and sizes. Some of them are DIY while others require a professional approach.

  1. Curtain dividers slide open or closed. They require a piece of fabric or strings of beads and a curtain rod, which can be installed right near the ceiling or a foot below depending on your needs.
  2. Sliding dividers are similar to sliding closet doors. They are built-in and sturdy. Special niches can be provided in the walls to accommodate the open dividers. They come in a variety of materials, including wood and glass.
  3. Folding dividers are versatile. They can be used anywhere in the house and folded in the corner or even closet when not in use. These dividers are easy to install. They are usually lightweight and not very sturdy.
  4. Structural dividers involve using furniture to section off the room spaces. They include bookshelves, sofas, and cabinets. Such dividers save space since no extra materials are needed to make them.


Why Install Room Dividers?

The obvious answer is to section off separate spaces in a large room. Room dividers are a common choice for people who have small apartments or homes with large open spaces. As the family grows bigger, large rooms can be divided into smaller sections to create private space for each family member. In addition, room dividers can create a special space for hobbyists, who require privacy for drawing, sewing, embroidering, doing puzzles, etc. Many people, who work at home, can appreciate sectioning off a private area for their computer desks.

  1. Décor

The dividers can be a wonderful complement to any room’s décor. For example, folding screens come in a variety of colors so they can brighten up any room beside making extra space. People, who live in studio apartments, appreciate the versatility of the screens that help them create a certain ambiance without too many expenses.

Room dividers can make a great addition to the office décor as well. Sliding doors can section off work area or executive’s office without extensive construction work.

  1. Privacy

Most of the time, people don’t need a thick wall to enjoy their privacy. They can readily settle for a wall that keeps the others from looking inside. Room dividers don’t factor out the noise but they can certainly give a person the much-needed feeling of privacy. Curtains are wonderful room dividers for various businesses, such as small boutiques and tailoring shops.

Folding screens can be a good choice for a doctor’s office or hospitals. Meanwhile, sliding room dividers are perfect for homes and offices.

  1. Concealment

Room dividers are often used to conceal something inside the room, such as some unsightly things. Folding screens can do a great job doing just that. Meanwhile, sliding wall panels can conceal a bad wall design or hide a wall safe or a mirror. Such panels and screens can also camouflage a window in order not to have the neighbors looking in.

  1. Organization

Room dividers can be perfect for business owners, who need to organize space. In most cases, an office has a large room with no dividers. Sometimes, the dividers are installed in the way that doesn’t suit the needs of a new office owner.

Sliding screens, wall panels, and folding screens are a great choice for office décor. They can be used to section off space for storage or create cubicles for employees. The room dividers allow the imagination to run wild while offering a variety of choices.

The best part about the room dividers is that they can be custom made. You don’t have to be the one to give up and take the home or office space as it is. The dividers can make you enjoy your dream room to the fullest extent.

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