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Add a chic, stylish, and quiet solution to your bedroom, den, or office. With sliding barn door’s, you can create a unique, interesting and rustic split between two rooms, with plenty of free space to make your entrance/exit.

Go with either reclaimed wood, industrial steel, or a different wood/metal of your choosing, and achieve a perfect blend of privacy and attraction all built into one partition.

Sliding barn doors come with an unlimited array of choices available to you as you decide to divide the room to your liking, adding a splash of color or unique shape to the design. Your home is your personal kingdom to outfit any way that you choose, and a sliding barn door has many different customizable options to meet your specific needs. Create a fun, fancy, and fashionable vibe in your room, giving you space to enjoy the privacy and ease of use that a barn door offers.

Use a sliding barn door for anywhere you feel like it could add flavor to the room. The installation is quite simple, and will offer your house a smooth, quiet, unobtrusive passageway from room to room. The Bedroom is not the only place a sliding barn door is appropriate however. Anywhere from the living room, kitchen pantry, and laundry room are all excellent design choices that can add some super solid personality to your abode.

Sliding barn doors, either wood, metal, or another material are a fantastic answer to the garage as well! Not only do they open quietly, you can move things over the threshold without having to prop anything open.

Take advantage of this stealthy doors silent opening mechanism, especially in a nursery setting or where you study or work with absolute need for quiet. There are hundreds if not more choices when it comes to sizes, thickness, colors, and shapes. Sliding Barn doors are here to stay, and we like it that way!

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White,  Laminated, Clear, Milky, Tinted Mirror, Clear Tinted, Frosted/Acid, Mirror Glass, Black


Wenge, Walnut, Birch, Grey Wash, Maple, Oak


1.5″ & 2.5″ FRAME

 White, Silver,


Classic, Twin, Triple, Quattro, Oriental, T, Double T, Ladder, Up & Down, Shoji


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