Open Office Space vs. Partitioned Office Space

There have been various speculations about whether or not installing office room dividers or partitions in the office is beneficial to productivity and worker morale. According to some, separating employees is the best way to boost production in the workplace. However, to some, it is a way to kill teamwork and company morale.

But how do you know if it is better to put up partitions, sliding doors, or room dividers in the office, or to keep everyone working together? Below we will look at some of the reasons for keeping an open office space, as well as for partitioning off the office.

Pros of Open Office Space

According to some people, it is healthier to have an open office layout than to have the areas partitioned off. The reason for this is increased levels of activity during the workday. Also, open office space has been linked to lower levels of stress because of the sense of community it builds.

It is well-known that office workers tend to be more sedentary than people in other professions. That being said, some people believe that keeping the office area open is a way to reduce this sedentariness and create a bit more movement around the office.

Cons of Open Office Space

While some people think that an open office space creates a community, it is also believed that it can be distracting and reduce productivity. If people are around each other all the time, they will more than likely become friends, or, at least, talk amongst themselves. This can, unfortunately, be a bit distracting during working hours.

That is why a lot of people think that partitioning of the office space is conducive to better productivity.

Pros to Partitioned Office Space

By creating individual workspaces for employees, it can be seen as improving and increasing productivity in the office. While it is important to most companies to maintain a strong sense of community in their workplace, it is also very important that everyone be able to work at their own pace and have their own space to work in.

That is why using office dividers can be very beneficial to companies. Whether they are cubicles or glass partitions, giving everyone a bit of privacy can increase their concentration.

Cons of Partitioned Office Space

As was stated before, the office life can be rather sedentary. This is not a healthy lifestyle at all. That is why partitioning off the office space can be more unhealthy in the long run.

Allowing coworkers to interact can be more active and can help with any health issues in the long run. It can also increase the sense of community and decrease the level of stress in the workplace.

Whether or not your company decides to partition off its office space is dependent upon the employees themselves. It is important to check in with them and decide which is best for your office and the well being of the employees.

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