Modern Home Closet Designs

Modern Home Closet Designs

Modern homes need modern solutions. Period.

It’s time to branch away from the standard boring doors and explore more options for your closet.

The market is full of sleek, unique, and innovative designs that will fit right into your designated doorways.

Reach-In Closets Redefined

Whether you are going for a minimal and modern look or want a bold statement, we have you covered.

The conventional closet you once thought was good enough for hanging clothes and storage shelves is now more customizable.

You can opt for glass sliding doors, curtains, or even keep them semi-opened! Also, they are being built deeper into the walls and can contain multiple partitions.

Elevate your Space With Walk-In Closets

There are many ways to experiment with your storage, with the latest trend of a ‘walk-in closet’ taking the world by storm.

We are often awestruck by the glamorous celebrities’ wardrobes adorned by the latest interior trends.

Now you can recreate the same space at home! Taking your pick from our variety of contemporary interior doors, such as the glass closet doors, you can achieve a distinct and stylish way to display your clothing pieces.


For your beautiful and modern homes, you need to opt for the same level of fixtures as well. Doors may seem small and trivial, but they can make or break the look of your closet.

If you are looking for the perfect balance between affordability and trendy, KNR Sliding Doors is the right place for you.

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