Making Your Closets a Focal Point in the Room

How do you capture the eye using interior design? By working with focal points and knowing where having on that adds to the attractiveness of the room. Let’s start off by defining what we are referring to as focal points.

What are Focal Points?

Focal points are used in photography and artistic work like painting. The place in which the lense or “eye” of the camera capturing the image is focused. A focal point in the interior design world means the same thing in that it is an area that draws attention to a central point. This look can be accomplished by methods like:

  • A bold piece of furniture or large work of art
  • A grouping of items like a painting hung above a fireplace
  • Anything the draws the eyes more strongly to one area of the room than the other.

Walls do not have to be a focal part or even part of it. Carpets with bold and rich colors or floors, lights that hang from the ceiling (chandelier style,) and furniture pieces also create a strong visual pull.

The Myth of One Focal Point

Rooms are not just cut and dry enclosures with no potential for expressing the personality of the designer. Some mistakenly believe that a like a bedroom can have only one focal point, but this is not an accurate theory. Your closet doors can be part of the focal point of your bedroom in addition to a beautiful headboard for your bed. Try to keep your focal points to a limit of 3 including the closet door in the bedroom. Making the closet doors the dominant focal point in the room will draw the eyes quickly to anything to draw attention to the closet doors like:

  • A dark rug or piece of art near the door.
  • A bold hue or eye catching pattern
  • A window near a closet door will also add to the space by filtering light and adding atmosphere.

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