Interior Sliding Doors

Office room dividers

Office room dividers are a great way to separate office spaces without spending a lot of time and money on construction. There are different types of room dividers – one being a sliding door system. There are different types of sliding door systems available like straight sliding doors, single sliding doors, and bi-parting sliding doors.

Straight sliding door

Straight sliding doors are mounted onto a single track and they slide inside or flat against the wall. These doors are great for spaces that do not have a lot of extra space because they slide into or beside the walls that already exist.

There are many door options that also allow more or less visibility. There are glass and partial glass doors, wooden doors, light metal doors, anything is possible. With the glass options, the doors create a separate divided space but allow the continual flow of light and sight lines.

Single sliding doors

 Single sliding doors are a larger category that straight sliding doors are a part of. Single sliding doors include straight sliding doors that slide into the adjoining wall or adjacent walls. There are also other options within this category, including doors that roll up to the side almost like an accordion. There are also doors that slide up like garage doors or slip up straight into the upper half of the wall.

Single sliding accordion doors have seams that limit the use of glass and several other typically used styles. With the garage style single sliding doors, any of the average styles can be used if they are the type that rise above without changing shape. The back of the garage style doors can be designed to match the ceiling or designed to enhance a space artistically.

Bi-parting sliding door

Bi-parting sliding doors are similar to single sliding doors, but, rather than moving to one side, they part in the middle and move in two pieces from the middle. The two pieces slide into the corresponding walls or parallel to them. These doors can be built with wood, glass, or metal with varying build options. There are great recycled material options as well.

There are many styles like old barn doors, freight doors, garage door panels, corrugated metal depending on how unique the space is. There is the standard glass with a wooden frame or solid wood too. These doors offer efficiency and flexibility. There are also options to open up a space even more with glass doors with matching glass walls. The bi-parting sliding door can attach to an already existing wall easily and doesn’t take up space when opened.

There are many great options for the modern or space conscious offices, including but not limited to straight sliding doors, single sliding doors, and bi-parting sliding doors. Each door option offers many customizable options that can be tailored to each space and what’s already built. Office room dividers in the form of sliding doors are a great way to add privacy to offices without having to commit to the construction of permanent walls.

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