Interior Sliding Doors for the Home

For decades sliding doors have been considered a stylish and space conscious option for homeowners looking to freshen up their space. After all, they can be made to go with almost any design and can allow space to appear open and roomy, while still having separation if needed. If you are considering investing in sliding doors for the interior of your home, it is essential that you understand the various factors surrounding them, things like the cost, materials and the maintenance that they require will all impact your decision on not only whether to get them but which ones to purchase. Read on to find out more about interior sliding doors.

What is a Sliding Door?

A sliding door is essentially any door that moves across a horizontal track to open. Sliding doors are available can be used on both the exterior and the interior of the home. However, they are more prominently seen on the interior. When it comes to the interior, sliding doors are unique in the sense that they can be used in pretty much any room. They are especially popular options for closets, powder rooms, mudrooms, dens, and laundry rooms.

How Much Do Interior Sliding Doors Generally Cost?

The price of your interior sliding door is very much dependent on the size of doorway that you want. It will also depend on the materials and style that you are looking for. The most basic interior sliding door can cost as low as $50 and go up to about $200. However, an interior sliding door that is built from a higher-quality material, and is designed with a more intricate style or custom sliding doors can cost between $200 and $2,500. The price really does depend on the complexity of the job.

Materials for Interior Sliding Doors

There are a multitude of choices when it comes to the materials that you want your interior sliding door made from. Current popular options include steel, glass, and aluminum. These are great options because they are typically very affordable and require little maintenance. Wood sliding doors are also quite popular, especially those made from hardwoods such as walnut, poplar, and mahogany. Although it does generally require more maintenance than the options previously mentioned, wood is a naturally classic and robust material that will give your home an elegant look.

Many interior sliding doors that are used for bedroom closets, bathrooms,  or laundry rooms feature mirrored panels. These give the illusion of more space and are also an easy way to add full-length mirrors to your home while saving space.

What Maintenance Do Interior Sliding Doors Generally Require?

Proper maintenance of your interior sliding door is vital as it will help to keep it lasting longer. One of the most important parts to take care of is the track that the door slides on. These tracks are susceptible to dust and grime. If these build up, over time, it will make it difficult for you to slide the doors open. Keeping the hardware clean is another essential step as it will help with both the maneuverability and longevity.

In Conclusion

An interior sliding door is a traditional yet stylish way to create more space within your home. There are a multitude of choices when it comes to the materials used. Because there are so many options, it also allows homeowners to really control the price of their door, being able to choose from materials from almost any price point.

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