How to Shop for Room Dividers

How to Shop for Room Dividers

A large room with a lot of empty space feels impersonal and unwelcoming. However, it can be challenging to decorate a huge room and you may think that leaving it empty is the best option. Room dividers can be a perfect solution to having a lot of empty space (or not enough space), but you need to know how to choose one. Read on to learn everything you need.


Types of Room Dividers

Room dividers come in many colors, materials and styles. For example, folding screens can serve as temporary dividers that you can quickly fold up when you need the whole space. Curtains on tracks on your celling also divide the space as needed. Bookcases are the permanent option and also a good decorative choice. You can also use freestanding walls that are specifically designed for the purpose of separating the space.

Selecting the Right Room Divider

Before you buy the room divider, evaluate what will work in your room. Many dividers are decorative enough and they will be noticed, but they should also suit the space so that they look like they have always been here. Therefore, you should think about size, color and style when selecting the divider. For example, a modern glass screen may not be the best option for a traditional décor that includes wood. On the other hand, wooden divider will look over the top in a simplistic style.

You should also consider your needs in the space. If you want to add privacy, consider getting a tall divider made of wood. If you need a divider that will break up the room visually but nothing else, maybe a glass model will be better.

How to Use Room Dividers

A room divider should divide the room in a way that you can make use of the area on both sides; thus, placement is vital. Room dividers don’t have to stand in the center or against the wall, just make sure that whatever place you choose, there is enough space for entry to both areas and you can freely move around.

You can also decorate your divider. For example, if you choose a bookcase with a solid back, you can paint it or install hooks to the back to make it functional and beautiful from both sides.

Using a room divider is a great way to enhance the look of a huge room or create more rooms and it’s not permanent like building a wall. However, depending on the divider model you choose and your room, it can make the space look awkward. While bookcases are functional dividers, they don’t do anything with privacy. Folding screens and wooden dividers offer that privacy. But if you get the right divider for your room, you will make the most out of space with minimum effort.

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