How to Choose Closet Doors

How to Choose Closet Doors

When you choose closet doors, whether it’s for your bedroom, office or dressing room, you have to combine functionality and style. These two factors both depend on the type and the design of the closet doors you choose. So what options do you have?


Pocket Doors

Pocket doors slide into the wall they are installed on, which is convenient when you don’t have much space in the room. The doors have slides at the top and bottom, allowing them to disappear. These doors can be made of glass and wood. The main advantages of these doors are:

  • They blend into your design and don’t attract too much attention.
  • They overlap one another thus they don’t require a lot of space.

Glass Closet Doors

Glass closet doors can conceal your belongings and add style to the room. Glass doors have a wood frame surrounding each panel. The doors can be made of several panels, depending on the design. The main advantages are:

  • Glass closet doors enhance the overall appearance of your room.
  • Space size. Glass closet doors enhance the amount of light in your room.
  • Glass doors can be conveniently cut to any size you need. This lets you to select the number of panels.
  • They are used of tempered glass that will not crack upon your impact.

Wood Closet Doors

Wood closet doors bring a traditional and subtle feel to the room. They come in many varieties and colors. They can be bought to order or purchased ready-to-install, depending on the style, wood type and size. The main advantages of these doors include:

  • They come in different styles to complement the design of your room.
  • Doors made of natural wood are extremely durable and will last for years without maintenance.
  • Since they are quite light, they won’t slide off the rails.

The Features of a Good Closet Door

A good closet door should be firmly closed when not in use, but easily open when you want to access your clothes. It should be shaded and allow ventilation to prevent stuffiness when the doors are closed. Closet doors should fit the décor of your room since they are going to account for a big amount of what you can see in the room. They should be made of quality materials and complementary colors.

Since these doors should keep your clothes and other items dust free and prevent damage from the UB rays of the sun, it is worth choosing quality materials. If you choose a transparent door, the clothes will bleach with time. Closet doors should also reduce visual clutter and hide many small items you have but can’t throw out. The doors need to be stylish, lightweight and easy to open and close.

A new set of closet doors will bring a new feel to your room. Upgrade your closet with new doors made of quality materials by the trusted company.

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