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Custom Sliding Closet Doors

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Dividing the space between your bedroom and closet is a breeze with sliding closet doors. Truly remarkable at offering a variety of benefits that differ greatly from that of a standard closet door. The incredibly large selection of customizable options that exist today are sure to pique your curiosity, and inspire your creative side to come out to play. Take your sliding closet doors to the next level choosing from many different shades of glass and frames. Making them the perfect way to finish reviving your perfect dream room!

As for the benefits that come with the functionality the doors have to offer, you will appreciate the smooth, easy, and quiet way they slide open and close. Less noise, more space, and an exciting ability to open them with just a fingers touch. Our sliding closet doors are top of the line, made from the highest quality material, and ready for you in appealing glass colors like white, frosted, clear and more. We offer perfected wood in a variety color spectrum:

  • Wenge (a dark color)
  • Walnut
  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Wash grey
  • Birch

Enjoy the softest and most unobtrusive gliding track system with our centered wheel design located in the middle of the door. We never use any plastic or coverings behind the wheels so as to ensure that they stay on the track. The wheel systems themselves all come standard with a five-year warranty, and with our top of the line quality materials, we guarantee long lasting results. Sliding closet doors offer a chic, efficient, and effective way to maximize storage in any room. They reduce the noise level, the amount of space needed to move things across the threshold, and are easy to install. We offer 1.5″ and 2.5 inch frames here at KNR Sliding Door Designs, as well as our standard door thickness of 6mm. Whichever of our custom sliding doors you choose we are happy to serve you until you find the beautiful door of your dreams.

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