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The Advantages of Wood Doors

The Advantages of Wood Doors Wood is a natural resource and one of the most popular elements of home décor. It has unique properties that can make it the best choice over many other materials. Below, there are the main advantages of natural wood doors. Natural solid wood is the most popular material for traditional

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How to Shop for Room Dividers

How to Shop for Room Dividers A large room with a lot of empty space feels impersonal and unwelcoming. However, it can be challenging to decorate a huge room and you may think that leaving it empty is the best option. Room dividers can be a perfect solution to having a lot of empty space

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How to Choose Closet Doors

How to Choose Closet Doors When you choose closet doors, whether it’s for your bedroom, office or dressing room, you have to combine functionality and style. These two factors both depend on the type and the design of the closet doors you choose. So what options do you have? Pocket Doors Pocket doors slide into

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7 Benefits of Installing Sliding Doors in Your Office

While planning your home design usually takes a long time, only a few people are ready to spend weeks choosing the right office décor. When you think about it, you realize that most of the employees spend more time at their desks than at home. That’s why efficient and comfortable office design is compulsory. Let’s

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How To Choose The Perfect Closet Door

Built-in closets are a wonderful space saver. When you design your home, leaving niches for closets is a must. However, when it comes to interior décor, you can be stuck choosing the right closet door. It might come as a surprise, but there is a rather impressive variety of closet doors on the market. Let’s

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7 Tips To Help Secure Your Sliding Doors

Keeping the house secure is one of the most common problems homeowners face. While interior sliding doors usually don’t need to be locked, the front or back doors require a bit more attention. Below we share the important tips that can keep your worries at bay and make your home as secure as a fortified

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How to Paint an Interior Door on Your Own

Whether you are moving into a new house or looking for ways to freshen up your old one, painting doors should be on your top-10 list. Interior doors take a lot of beating since they work without weekends. The paint can get cracked, chipped and just outright dirty. While hiring a specialist to paint your

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What it Takes to Install Sliding Door Closets

The Easiest, Best, Most Effective Way to Install Sliding Closet Door. Popular choices for bedrooms are sliding door closets which come in a variety of finished options including solid and hollow core options. Finishing an unfinished door will make installation a lot less of a hassle and we can all use a little extra ease

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How to Improve Your Office Space with KNR Room Dividers

Your office is the place where things get done and productivity is king. Naturally a messy work space makes for more stress than is necessary. If you do manage to keep your station neat and clean the problems of distracting noises and sights can pull us away from our most important work. Adding a room

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