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How To Choose The Perfect Closet Door

Built-in closets are a wonderful space saver. When you design your home, leaving niches for closets is a must. However, when it comes to interior décor, you can be stuck choosing the right closet door. It might come as a surprise, but there is a rather impressive variety of closet doors on the market. Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Bifold Doors

Bifold doors can come as a two- or four-panel design. The panels are connected using hinges. These doors come in a variety of sizes, the most common being 4, 5, and 6 feet.

Bifold Door Pros:

  • These doors take up less space than the regular swinging doors do when open.
  • The folding doors are lightweight and easy to install
  • Bifolds usually come with a moderate price tag.

Biflold Doors Cons:

  • Bifold doors don’t open completely so the size of the closet opening is reduced, hindering the access to the items inside.
  • These doors lack durability and might require regular maintenance.
  • The bifolds are easy to move out of position so they might need adjustment.


  1. Double Doors

Double doors can be a good choice for large openings up to 6 feet tall. The construction is simple. The two swinging doors meet in the middle. Each door can have a separate latch so one can be opened without touching the other.

Double doors pros:

  • These doors can match the design of other doors in the house creating a perfect décor.
  • The structure is simple and the materials are durable so these doors can last a long time.
  • The doors don’t require complicated installation.

Double doors cons:

  • The doors need to swing out into the room so they take up a significant amount of space.
  • There is a limited number of materials you can use to make such doors. Forget about glass and mirrors.


  1. Pocket Doors

These are sliding doors that slide into a special niche in the adjacent wall when opened. These doors are a wonderful choice for small rooms that can’t accommodate swinging doors. They are usually used for small closet door openings.

Pocket Door Pros:

  • Pocket doors save plenty of space by eliminating the swinging matter.
  • These doors can be made out of the same materials as the rest of the doors in the house, providing a matching décor.
  • The doors look neat and provide good access to the items inside the closet.

Pocket Door Cons:

  • Pocket doors are hard to install. They require a special opening for the sliding.
  • The structure of such doors is not always sturdy enough to avoid regular maintenance.


  1. Bypass Doors

Sliding bypass is a common way to design the closet doors. Such doors consist of two standard panels suspended from two rails, one in front and the other one in the back. They allow one door to slide in front of the other when opening.

Bypass Doors Pros:

  • These doors save space since they don’t swing out or into the closet.
  • The doors can be made out of a variety of materials, including the ones to match the rest of the interior doors.
  • The doors are durable and can last a lifetime.

Bypass Doors Cons:

  • The doors may slide off the racks and need adjustment. However, this is not a common problem.
  • You can’t open the whole closet at one time. You only get access to half of it so the items in the middle may be difficult to reach.


  1. Mirror and Glass Sliding Doors

Bypass and pocket doors can be made out of glass or have a mirror attached to the front. This is a common choice for people who want to have a full-sized mirror in their bedrooms. These doors usually have an aluminum frame.

Glass (Mirror) Sliding Doors Pros:

  • Such doors complement a contemporary interior design.
  • They make the room appear larger and brighter
  • These doors don’t swing out so you don’t have to think about installing furniture out of the door’s way.
  • Glass sliding doors collect less dust.

Glass (Mirror) Sliding Doors Cons:

  • Such doors may be more expensive than the other types.
  • The mirror doors are more delicate than their wooden counterparts are and require more care when operating.


What it Takes to Install Sliding Door Closets

The Easiest, Best, Most Effective Way to Install Sliding Closet Door.

Popular choices for bedrooms are sliding door closets which come in a variety of finished options including solid and hollow core options. Finishing an unfinished door will make installation a lot less of a hassle and we can all use a little extra ease in our lives!

Getting From Start to Finish in 10 Easy Steps

  1. As you begin your DIY project we have to lay the foundation of our work by building the frame. Simply measure the door opening, and the frame to length. Organize all the pieces laying them out making sure they are square. Now nail the frame together with a hammer and you’re done with step one!
  1. Setting the frame comes next. Setting the frame inside the opening and using a level to guarantee the legs of the frame are plumb. Use shims to adjust the frame inside the opening and to offer a nailing surface.
  1. Level the frame at the top of the door and use shims to adjust and provide a nailing surface.
  1. Attaching the frame comes next, but remember to check that any adjustments you made keep the frame in a level and plumb position. Nail through the shims to attach the frame into position. You can also use screws instead.
  1. Trim the door to fit. Once you measure the doors opening you can add the track dimension in. The bottom of the door can be scored with a utility knife.
  1. Attach the top track using manufacturers provided hardware and following their instructions to attach the top track of the door frame.
  1. Install the door brackets and rollers, mounting them on the upper end of the door, checking to see that they won’t interfere with the movement of the rollers.
  1. Set the door rollers inside the track on the top and hang the door in place. Do the same for the next door.
  1. Check and adjust to make certain the doors are level and adjust accordingly with the roller and bracket hardware.
  2. Install the floor guides and door hardware following the manufacturers specifications. You want the doors to be able to slide easily through the opening.

Tips for Closet Doors

The type of door you choose for your room is up to you. As a good rule of thumb, knowing where your closet will be located and how much space you have in the room will help you determine the kind of door best suited for you. You want to pick a style that gives you easy access to everything inside your room, and reflects the parts of your home that make you the happiest.

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Making Your Closets a Focal Point in the Room

How do you capture the eye using interior design? By working with focal points and knowing where having on that adds to the attractiveness of the room. Let’s start off by defining what we are referring to as focal points.

What are Focal Points?

Focal points are used in photography and artistic work like painting. The place in which the lense or “eye” of the camera capturing the image is focused. A focal point in the interior design world means the same thing in that it is an area that draws attention to a central point. This look can be accomplished by methods like:

  • A bold piece of furniture or large work of art
  • A grouping of items like a painting hung above a fireplace
  • Anything the draws the eyes more strongly to one area of the room than the other.

Walls do not have to be a focal part or even part of it. Carpets with bold and rich colors or floors, lights that hang from the ceiling (chandelier style,) and furniture pieces also create a strong visual pull.

The Myth of One Focal Point

Rooms are not just cut and dry enclosures with no potential for expressing the personality of the designer. Some mistakenly believe that a like a bedroom can have only one focal point, but this is not an accurate theory. Your closet doors can be part of the focal point of your bedroom in addition to a beautiful headboard for your bed. Try to keep your focal points to a limit of 3 including the closet door in the bedroom. Making the closet doors the dominant focal point in the room will draw the eyes quickly to anything to draw attention to the closet doors like:

  • A dark rug or piece of art near the door.
  • A bold hue or eye catching pattern
  • A window near a closet door will also add to the space by filtering light and adding atmosphere.

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Wood Closet Doors are Gaining Popularity

There are a lot of great ways to save space in a home or room, one of these being installing sliding closet doors. The real selling point for sliding doors is that they offer a lot of flexibility and can be used as effectively in the bedroom or the living room. Wood closet doors are gaining popularity for reasons like:

  • They don’t require extra space since they slide over one another on a single track.
  • They are typically your least expensive option.
  • There is a wide range of quality of doors available in a variety of styles
  • The make you feel a sense of warmth and are inviting to the touch
  • Scratches are easily able to be filled.

Wood Closet Doors Are Strong and Secure

Because it can be used with doors and fashioned into beautiful styles and patterns the market is still very enamored with wood closet doors. Doors by themselves make for a central focal point of a room because they provide a passage way from one area to the next. The door is what we see when we enter and the thing we see when we leave. What else can match the quality and texture of wood, its warm material and heftiness. Manufacturers are aware of the tendency of wood to warp, twist, and cup which is why they have engineered their doors to not do that. It only takes a little extra work and an extra coat of paint or polyurethane once a year to have a door that lasts a life time.

Does a Wood Closet Door Make Sense for You?

Provided your closet is in a bedroom you won’t need to worry about protecting the door from water or heat, which can damage the integrity of the wood. There are a few very common styles of wood closet doors that interior design has used to make beautiful homes. The most common types of doors are:

  • Panel doors are most commonly used in residential buildings and have square or rectangular panels with single or multiple small panels within the panel door.
  • Flush doors offer clean and classic like design option with a very affordable price tag.
  • Bifold doors are most common in bedroom closets, laundry rooms or the kitchen pantry
  • Sliding doors are a less common configuration of two doors that hang and slide along a track.
  • French doors add a dramatic touch with two hinge doors that swing towards one another.

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Your Sliding Doors Options at KNR Sliding Doors

Designing interior space has been for many a great way to transform their house into a wonderful home. Others view home improvement as a project that simply needs to get done. It’s always easier to take right action when the options are all laid out for you clearly.  All our amazing and diverse door options at KNR Sliding Doors are here to offer you design solutions to your bedroom, office, den, and any other room you might fancy.

Unique Options and Style

With our quality doors and your personal design preferences there’s an unlimited amount of ways to create a place to live in that you love. Here at KNR Sliding Doors we pride ourselves in offering you great interior design solutions like:

  • Reclaimed wood, industrial steel, or a metal/wood of your choosing.
  • Blending privacy and attraction with all our different partitions in all their color and shape design.
  • Many customizable options to meet your individual needs and concerns.
  • A fun, fancy, and fashionable vibe is easily achieved by adding one of our awesome doors.

Adding Flavor to the Room

You don’t have to limit yourself to the bedroom when you think about installing a sliding barn or glass door. You can spice up the look of any room by adding an attractive sliding door to your office or den. Saving space is so much easier with a sliding door and can make your bedroom feel much more spacious and luxurious. The office would be greatly improved in giving associates a chic, quiet and simple solution to block out noise and visual distractions. You can add a new focal point to a room with a KNR sliding door outfit in the kitchen, laundry room, and don’t forget about the garage! There are amazing opportunities for those who are thinking of designing their interior room so please allow KNR to ensure your process is flawless!

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