Fixed Panels in Hawthorne, California

We build our home once in a lifetime. But our requirements keep changing with different stages of life. Whether it is an office or a residential setup, with time and growth, we need to keep making small or big changes to the rooms’ interior design. Therefore, you may have to come across a situation where you will have to make additional room or spaces for different purposes. fixed panels will help you use the open space you have in your office or home more efficiently.

No Need to Compromise with Your Privacy

KNR fixed panels in Hawthorne, California, allow you to create smaller cubicles in any office set up or make a little chamber inside your home for your study or work purpose. You can easily split up the less used part of the hallway or create a smaller cell inside the bedroom without making the place look clumsy or blocking the lights. You can install a single protective panel or couple it up with a set of sliding doors.

Protective Panels in Hawthorne, California

Building a traditional wall for separating bigger space can be messy and hazardous, and you may have to give up a significant portion of the area instead. In contrast, installing and maintaining these protective panels are extremely easy. These panels increase the flexibility of utilizing the space. You can also remove the panels whenever you feel you do not need them any longer. Moreover, you can find different designs and finishes in KNR fixed panels in Hawthorne, California.