Boost Your Industrial Interior Design With Sliding Doors

Sliding doors continue to remain at the forefront of door fashion trends. New styles and functions promise to keep them a top choice for architects and contractors for the foreseeable future and a mainstay for industrial interior design.

As the population grows, living and working spaces are necessarily shrinking – opening the market wider. Accessibility issues – as well as practicality for that matter – require that a standard swinging door have at least 32 inches of clear width and a few feet of surrounding space for the door to swing. Sliding doors, however, only require the wall space for the mounting hardware to be installed or just enough space left within a wall for a pocket door to slide in and out.

While in the past, sliding door hardware was designed to be more useful and practical rather than attractive (typically it was meant to be concealed), nowadays sliding door hardware can add a boost to the visual appeal of any room.

Sliding Door Design

With options like track, hanger, face, and top mounts, there are many choices and options that go beyond just the physical door type. Depending upon what you are envisioning the final look and the room as a whole to be, sliding doors offer a plethora of choices to stand out or blend in.

Sliding doors are also commonly referred to as “barn doors” – due in part to their resemblance to an actual barn door. With their wide range of looks and style, sliding “barn” doors can add a rustic, contemporary, or industrial interior design look.

Sliding Door Technology

While earlier styles of sliding doors came with various drawbacks, new technology has allowed manufacturers the ability to make sliding doors function easier, last significantly longer, and improve overall quality.

With that said, one prevailing issue of sliding doors has always been privacy – given that it is more difficult to secure sliding doors than swinging doors. With the addition of new privacy locks, however, sliding doors can now be secured to help avoid any unwanted visitors.

Choosing the Right Sliding Door

New modern designs are opening the market for sliding doors that may not have been considered in years past. With a rise in open-concept offices, sliding doors offer an easy and convenient way for large, open conference rooms to be quickly converted into smaller workspaces or even blocked off for meeting rooms.

Utilizing sliding doors – both pocket and barn door styles – can help provide significant floor space savings allowing the design to be more functional and efficient.

When trying to decide which style sliding door is right for you, it is important to make sure that you not only think about your current needs but also what may be beneficial for your business/office moving forward as well.

For example, KNR Sliding Door Design specializes in custom made sliding doors. With a variety of both glass and wood sliding doors, one has endless options for privacy and separation, bonus space, and a fresh look for any part of the office.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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