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Feeling Comfortable in a Collaborative Office

It is no secret that the open-concept workspace is the latest craze in office design. Huge companies like Google, Twitter, and Facebook have created more modern, and fun environments, with the belief that this design can improve productivity and promote collaboration.

By no means are individual offices and cubicles are a thing of the past, an increasing amount of companies are opting to forgo the traditional office spaces for these modern designs. For employees, these new floor plans can be both intimidating and exciting. That said, some employees may prefer to work in a quiet and private space in order to stay focused, while others enjoy and appreciate the new opportunities that these modern floor plans offer.

If you are considering designing an open concept workspace or office but are not sure where to start? Read on for some tips on how to introduce this open concept to your office, while making it as comfortable as possible for people of all preferences.

Make Sure that You Include Separate Conference and Collaborative Areas

In order to ensure that your communal and collaborative work area is to ensure that there is still a designated space for meetings. A fantastic and easy way to do this is to place a conference or collaborative work area away from the specific work area. By setting up a closed-off, a separate area will provide a space for employees to hold meetings and discuss projects without distracting others around them.

While an open office floor plan can improve productivity and foster creativity, instead of being closed off in cubicles, employees have the ability to easily discuss ideas with one another in an open, productive, and collaborative environment. However, to ensure employees are comfortable in this public work environment, you should clearly define open office etiquette and provide a variety of work areas. This will provide comfort to those who prefer to work on their own. These spaces can be easily separated – while still keeping that open feel through the use of glass doors and office room dividers.

Establish Open Office Etiquette

From day one, make sure that your open office rules are clear and specific. For example, make it clear that yelling across the office in an attempt to get a coworker’s attention is entirely unacceptable. Let employees know that an open, collaborative environment doesn’t mean that they can interrupt other employees’ work whenever they need something.

In order to ensure that all of your employees are comfortable in your collaborative office space, your employees should never be in a position where they can make the assumption that their coworkers are merely available to chat. When they randomly stop by a coworker’s desk, it is crucial that they understand that they are likely interrupting their train of thought. It is also vital that you ensure all of your employees are aware of respectful behavior in an open office. Simple things, for example, can be easily forgotten, such as not tapping their pen on the desk, keeping their cell phone ringers on loud, or even maintaining good hygiene can improve the effectiveness of your open office floor plan.

Utilize a Communication System

In order to encourage a quiet and productive work environment, it is essential to encourage employees to communicate online if they have to discuss a project or ask questions. Tons of great apps can benefit those who work in collaborative office spaces, Gchat, email, or other types of messaging are significant options that employees can use to avoid disrupting others’ work. Systems such as Google Talk, Digsby, and Apple Messages are also fantastic tools that employees can utilize in order to interact while maintaining a quiet, open environment.

Interior Sliding Doors for the Home

For decades sliding doors have been considered a stylish and space conscious option for homeowners looking to freshen up their space. After all, they can be made to go with almost any design and can allow space to appear open and roomy, while still having separation if needed. If you are considering investing in sliding doors for the interior of your home, it is essential that you understand the various factors surrounding them, things like the cost, materials and the maintenance that they require will all impact your decision on not only whether to get them but which ones to......

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3 Interior Design Ideas for Summer 2019

Summer is here, and that means warm weather, cheer, and excitement! It also means that it is time to update the interior of your home with a light and bright look. With these three summer decoration ideas, you can quickly transform any drab looking living space to a bright and lively setting. Summer is all about outdoor fun, the beach, and adventure, so why not bring some of that spark into your home? Make your house or condo look like a beautiful coastal inspired cottage or a summer beach house. Many of us assume that a home makeover is expensive......

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Working with an Interior Designer

When it comes to renovating your home, it is really important to thoroughly understand what it is that you want and you are looking for. This basic knowledge will help you pick the best interior designer. Some of us tend to think that choosing an interior designer is all you need to do. There is so much more to it than merely picking the right person for the job.

Here, we are going to share some important tips regarding the dynamics of working with an interior designer and getting the most out of it.

The blueprint

Ultimately, it is your home. While the job of an interior designer is to truly jazz up your place, organize your closet space and give your home a true makeover; there are a lot of other ideas they may have too.

Now, you do not want to see your home designed in a way that is not even remotely close to what you had in mind. So, you should always ask for a blueprint of how the home will be designed. Most interior designers offer you a digital image of the different rooms, the room dividers, the contemporary interior doors, the framing, the bed style and position so that you can analyze if it suits you.

The Specifics

The next thing you need to be mindful of has to be the specifics. Whether you want frameless doors, glass doors or even office sliding doors are minute points which should be meticulously discussed. Remember, the type of interior doors you choose tells a lot about your place. Be sure if you want fixed panels or frameless doors.

Not just doors; the kind of latches which will be used, the type of customization you want and every other detail needs to be discussed well. This prevents the possibilities of any communication gap.

Keeping tabs on the progress

Just because you have hired an interior designer doesn’t mean that you can be completely clueless about how your home is shaping out to be. You should definitely keep tabs on progress and be mindful of how it is coming along.

Making site visits and analyzing the progress is a great way to know if the interior designer is working on the right lines. This also prevents the troubles of major changes later on.

Knowing the current trends

As an interior designer; they will always be updated on all the latest trends. In the world of home fashion and renovation, there are plenty of trends that come and go.

So, you can discuss with them to know which ideas are buzzing at the moment. If it is contemporary interior doors which seem to be the ruling trend; you can analyze if it fits the style, theme, and the budget and has it incorporated accordingly.

So, being mindful of these points should help you make the most out of the work allotted to the interior designer. Remember, your home is more than just a place to crash, it becomes the abode of too many memories you would always cling to. This is why you should leave no stone unturned when it comes to making your place picture perfect. The best of interior designers know how to weave magic, you just need to bear the testament and witness it.

San Diego Modern Sliding Doors

If you have been considering the use of modern sliding doors for your offices, then you found the right article! Though some people prefer to utilize extra space and construct large offices, not considering partitioning with the use of office dividers, other people absolutely prefer the use of fixed panels and other sliding door modalities, especially from KNR Sliding Door company!

Modern sliding doors give your home or offices the extra tinge of sophistication. There are different areas in San Diego which are major communal workspaces such as We work, Flexspace, MONIKER and many others, employing the different modern sliding door patterns in the improvement of its office layout to ensure increased flexibility and effective office partitioning for maximal utilization.

There are numerous advantages to be enjoyed with the variety of modern sliding doors from KNR.  The advantages of revolving around increased privacy and improved work conditions and environment. The varieties of modern sliding doors include; Fixed panels, Frameless doors, glass doors, office sliding doors, Custom sliding closet doors, Glass closet doors, contemporary interior doors,  office room dividers and a whole lot of others. Not only do these varieties help improve work conditions, but they also help in reducing distractions, giving a great sense of community in the office!

There are different options available for our frameless doors. The frameless doors give an enhanced modern look to the office while simultaneously creating more room for office duties. It comes in 12mm thick tempered glass.

While the sliding doors come in different models such as the straight sliding doors and bi-parting sliding doors as well as other custom made doors effective for increasing office privacy and reducing noise pollution occurrence of any sort, the specifications of the sliding doors are flexible. Not only do you get to make the choices of the materials and design required for the construction of your sliding doors, but you also have the privilege of requesting customized sliding doors fashioned to your taste.

Flexibility is an attribute which makes office layout interesting. The fixed panels and glass partitions make this attribute available to you in grand style. The right fitting fixed panel doors enhance maximum office functionality. When installed alongside sliding doors, they serve as the perfect fit, giving your workspace a classy look.

With our Glass closet doors, your closet can receive a facelift.  It comes in 6mm tempered glass so you get the perfect style for your offices with it.

When considering a noticeable improvement on your office privacy, office partitions such as contemporary interior doors and office room dividers help in noise reduction in the office environment, as well as improving the privacy among the co-workers. This helps in creating the required environment for decision making and other sensitive issues.

KNR not only gives you products you can trust, but we also help you fashion out custom made doors, working with the best designs you can trust.

With the advent of office dividers, you do not have to think about pulling down your office walls for more space. The traditional method is over, we are the real deal!

Home Office Layout Ideas

Sliding doors are fast becoming a trend in the world of interior design. These doors give rooms a certain kind of essence and texture that makes you just fall in love with the rooms. They also provide additional warmth to rooms.

These qualities should make you consider them if you are looking to model a home office. The design of your home office plays an important role in the dynamics and productivity of your work so choosing a design for such a space that has so much power should not be taken lightly.

That been said, contemporary interior doors should be top in the list of your options when you want to remodel your home to include an office space. The doors come in a wide array of materials and designs, and ideas are being developed every day by designers that makes sliding doors more decorative and less visible. There are designs that have mechanisms that keep the doors hidden while they are open so as to save space.

However, ultimately, the goal is to maintain visual contact and communication between areas that can be said to be in separate spaces. Many times, in order to achieve this goal, glass doors are used. But as stated earlier, the doors come in a wide array of materials which can be designed to suit this purpose.

In creating an office space, there are some factors that need to be considered. Let’s take a look at a number of these factors and how interior doors can enhance them.


Where you want to site your home office is the first and perhaps the most important factor to be considered. As a professional, it is important that you set up this space away from distractions, but at the same time, you do not want to be entirely cut off from what goes on around you. Room dividers or frameless doors can be used to achieve this feat since they can block out noise but help maintain visual communication.


Enough room to work comfortably can boost productivity, the ability to navigate your workspace with ease is of great importance. Using contemporary Interior doors solves this problem to a very large extent since these doors conserve a lot of space. And with the advancement of architecture, even your bookshelves can be turned into hidden room doors. This gives your door double function and helps you save space.

Natural light and view

The relevance of natural light cannot be underestimated in any home office space. So it’s advisable to set up a home office where you can have a source of natural light. Interior doors allow for entry of as much natural light as possible into the home; they open the interior of a home and gives it a certain essence that makes it feel as though it is part of the outside world. It is also useful if you like to get a view of outside for inspiration while you work.

Frameless Doors For The Home

Over the past few years, the extent to which frameless doors have become fashionable has been on the rise exponentially. This comes as no surprise because frameless doors among other advantages produce a beautiful sight and can be customized in different manners, seeing as we like beautiful things also and having a huge array of options to pick from.

One of the advantages that frameless doors have in terms of aesthetics is the amount of natural light it allows to enter into the home; in many ways, it opens the interior of a home and makes it seem like an extension of the outside world. Frameless doors also increase the ventilation of the home.

Frameless doors are unique, modern and cost-effective. Using them will save you a lot of time and money on construction. They have a wide range of application and are very easy to install; the need for construction devices on the floor and ceiling are considerably reduced.

Let’s go through some of the many architectural and functional benefits of having frameless doors installed in your home.

One very appealing benefit of these doors Is that they are available in many colors and designs, leaving you a chance to pick any one of your choosing to suit your taste. There is a large array of options to be chosen from down to the point of manual or motorized operation of the doors.

Furthermore, you would be surprised how much increase in value your home will have once you remodel it to have frameless doors installed. Aside from the fact that frameless doors are modern and have a huge aesthetic appeal, it improves the view of the home, augments your livable space and gives the home a more elegant look. These factors will increase the resale value of your home.

If you prefer a natural air flow system for your home, frameless doors are one of your best options. These doors give you the option of opening one or more panels since the panels can be slid independently. The ability of the glass panels to slid individually also makes cleaning easier. You also have to consider that they retain the temperature of the home, hence they can you save energy and reduce the cost of electricity.

Speaking about aesthetics, for many people nothing is more beautiful than a good view. Since these doors are frameless, there is no obstruction whatsoever of the view. This means that you can have a good view of your home from anywhere in your home, keeping in mind that you are protected from the outside weather.

Of course, everybody wants to be safe in their own home. This is one benefit that frameless doors provide. The doors are designed in such a way that the risk of accidents is reduced and they also have a sound barrier that prevents disturbance.

There are plenty more benefits to be considered if you are going to go with this option. But at the end of the day, your decision should be made based on what is best for your home.

Creating A Separate Home Office

Creating A Separate Home Office

In recent times, More and more people are edging towards self-employment and a number of self-employed prefer to work from home from reasons ranging from comfort to finance. But whatever the reason, the decision to work from home requires that you have a home workspace, regardless of your profession.

When you decide to create a separate space at home for work, the design of that space goes a long way in determining the level of motivation, inspiration, and productivity in your work. So it important to give a long and hard thought to the idea.

Options of places to site a home office may not be many at first. But considering certain things when selecting the location and design of your workspace will help put things into perspective.

One very important factor to consider is your comfort. There is a lot to be said for the phrase ‘’from the comfort of your own home’’ if anything, working from home should provide you a very much deserved comfort. Interior sliding doors would afford you as much space as you want for you to design your workspace into a place where you would be comfortable.

Having established the relevance of interior doors in the design of home offices, it would be wise not to disregard the prospect when creating a home office. The doors come in a wide array of materials and designs, and ideas are being developed every day by designers that makes sliding doors more decorative and less visible.

Below are the things to consider when creating a home office space.


Siting your home office is a very important factor that you cannot afford to underestimate when creating a separate office in the home. You need to set up this space to block out distractions, but at the same time, you need to be aware of what goes on around you. Room dividers or frameless doors can be used to achieve this setting. they have the ability to block noise while maintaining visual communication.

Office Space

You need to design an office that supports your works. The ability to navigate your workspace with ease could be all the support you need sometimes. Using contemporary interior sliding doors ensures this to a very large extent since these doors conserve a lot of space. And with the advancement of architecture, even your bookshelves can be turned into hidden room doors. This gives your door double function and helps you save space.


The relevance of natural light cannot be underestimated in any home office space. So it’s advisable to set up a home office where you can have a source of natural light. Interior doors allow for entry of as much natural light as possible into the home; they open the interior of a home and gives it a certain essence that makes it feel as though it is part of the outside world. It is also useful if you like to get a view of outside for inspiration while you work.

Office Room Dividers

Simple office room dividers that don’t require construction


Turning a large open space into a set of offices can seem overwhelming and can become costly if going the construction route. That’s why many offices choose to go in a different direction. Rather than constructing separate office spaces for every employee, there are other portable options that allow the separation of space without the hassle of constructing permanent walls. There are a few main methods, including cubicles, panels, and portable room dividers. Each of these options is portable and easily changed.


 Cubicles are made up of panels that are moveable and can be structured in any size or direction. These are great for creating private workspaces for a large number of people. They also are great for creating workspaces for awkwardly sized and shaped spaces too. Though most cubicles are made by placing one panel on each side to create three sides of a square, there are also sets that are already built that way and fold out like doors when installed.

Panel systems

 Panel systems are the category cubicles fall under, but they are not the only option for panel systems. There are a lot of potential space options in an office and some things a cubicle can’t solve. Panels are great for singular use, like a wall separating the work area from the break area, or a large panel to separate the boss’ space from the lower level employees.

They are great for conference rooms, and they can come in different fabrics or materials. The most common types of panels have a metal frame with fabric stretched across it, but there are panels that are made of wood, metal, plastic, or a mixture of these materials. They can be used to separate a room but with their versatile options, they can become a work of art too.

Portable room dividers and partitions

 Most panel systems and cubicles are portable. This makes set up and removal very easy, especially if the business is renting the office space, and they need to create more offices without changing the building itself with construction. Portable panels and partitions are singular panels that separate a room but may be moved around semi-often.

These are good for conference rooms or temporary employees. They are also good for creating separation between customers and employees. Sometimes, it’s important to separate the eyesight lines for the most efficient work day. There are some panels that are specialized to absorb light or sound too. They also come in different configurations. They, of course, encompass the straight panels, but they also include accordion styles and folding styles.

Turning an office space into an actual office can be a daunting task to oversee, so that’s why there are options like cubicles, panels, and room dividers to help those who need cheap or non-constructional options. These systems, though very similar, can all be used in separate manners to create a customizable and unique space.

Frameless Sliding Doors

Various Styles of Frameless Doors

There are hundreds of options that are available for offices when they are looking for ways to divide up space – one of them being frameless doors. Frameless doors offer many options regarding size, space, and design. There are three main options when choosing a frameless door: glass doors, wooden doors, and doors that match the walls in the room.

Glass doors

Glass doors are great for rooms that already have glass walls/doors or rooms with not a lot of sight lines. Glass frameless doors can open up a space very easily without compromising privacy or light flow. Glass is a common fixture in a lot of modern offices, and the glass without a frame is a very modern and edgy way to open up a space.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors don’t really need a frame because they are of solid sightless construction anyway. They are more versatile without a frame and can come in many colors and sizes. Doors that blend in with the walls are great for keeping a space looking uniform. They can easily fit into the walls without a frame and look the same on either side.

Sometimes there is not a lot of space for installing doors and frames, and sometimes if the door is necessary, the office must forgo the door frame, which is a legitimate option with the wooden doors. Frameless doors give offices the option to add a fresh room divider that allows the space to be separated but open. There are many ways to add a frameless door to an office space.

Door construction options

There are many door construction options. Some of the most popular are track doors, hinged doors, and pocket doors.

Track doors are great if there is not a lot of space and the office is looking for a cohesive unimpeded look. They can match the walls or can be created into seamless works of art to brighten the workspace. Track doors have rollers on the top and bottom and fit into a track that allows them to slide becoming completely parallel to the wall it is next to. It can come in one door that slides to one side or two French doors that slide to their own respective sides.

Hinged doors are just like the regular doors everyone sees on a daily basis. There is a door and hinges, and the door swings in and out. Without a frame, the doors become a little different stylistically. They are not hindered as much in regards to space constraints and can be attached to any wall without any construction work.

The last major frameless door – the pocket door – involves two walls. The pocket doors allow the wall to look solid and uninterrupted but still have a door that the user who knows it’s there can use. Though typically made a color that matches the walls so they can be hidden, there are other options that allow the doors to be seen, like colored or glass doors. Despite their outside appearance, they all function in the same manner by sliding into the wall or walls that they line up with. It’s great for a wall that doesn’t have any support beams on it.

All of these frameless door options are modern, safe, and very functional. They can be customized to fit any office and any offices projected aesthetic.

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