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KNR Sliding Door Design is leading the sliding doors to a new generation of interior design in the US. We produce and manufacture our glass and wood sliding doors.
With our combined experience and excellency in knowledge and manufacturing we pride ourselves with the highest end sliding doors for your home and office solution as well as superior customer service and design.
Our custom doors could be ordered, produced and delivered in less than 2 weeks.

All products and materials we use are top of the line and are made in America They are of the best quality, environment friendly and recyclable.

KNR Sliding Doors specializes in designing and manufacturing custom made sliding doors and closets.  We offer a large variety of the best quality material for both glass and wood sliding doors.  We offer an exquisite selection of closet doors, room dividers, wall panels, office partitions/cubicles and stationary panels for both residential and commercial use.

For the uncompromising builder, interior designers or homeowner, we can assist in planning and designing a solution for you. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, years of expertise, our quality and service. You can count on us for absolute satisfaction.

We service to homeowners, contractors, designers, and architects.

With our sliding doors you have the ability to upgrade and modernize your space. We not only provide you with quality material, but also help you work within your budget.

We provide you with endless options for privacy and separation, bonus space and a fresh look for any part of the home and office.

If you opt for a more tranquil and contemporary concept, we have a elegant wood door collection for any use.
Both residential and commercial use will appreciate the enhanced fresh look that these doors offer.
This attractive new look will upgrade and boast any room or other open grounds that needs a modern change.

Modern design, advance technology, extraordinary materials, and attention to the smallest details are what tops KNR in home décor.
We do not compromise price or quality.

The advanced, modern design and technology with the exceptional customer service and local pricing makes KNR the place to go when it comes to decorating and renovating.
Highest quality designed for every home, and are budgeted to fit our families.

In addition, KNR offers an array of different designs, colors and options so every customer can find their perfect find.
Design your dreamiest closet and finish off with the perfect look of sliding doors. For your convenience, one place with everything you need.
We promise one on one service, amazing products and affordability.


Environmentally conscious products and cutting edge design, coupled with outstanding customer service.

We are the only company that offers 6mm, tempered glass as our standard product. Made in America

The aluminum we use is environment friendly, recyclable, and easy to clean.

We offer  1.5 and 2.5 inch aluminum framing and a choice of customized sizes and designs.

If you cant come to us we are happy to bring the showroom to you.

We promise you one on one exceptional customer service. From the beginning till the end we are here to help you make the right choice for your home and office space.

We promise to find the best match for you at the best price.

Contact Us

KNR Sliding & Glass Doors Los Angeles

13713 Moorpark St Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

Phone: 818-988-9854

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