What it Takes to Install Sliding Door Closets

The Easiest, Best, Most Effective Way to Install Sliding Closet Door.

Popular choices for bedrooms are sliding door closets which come in a variety of finished options including solid and hollow core options. Finishing an unfinished door will make installation a lot less of a hassle and we can all use a little extra ease in our lives!

Getting From Start to Finish in 10 Easy Steps

  1. As you begin your DIY project we have to lay the foundation of our work by building the frame. Simply measure the door opening, and the frame to length. Organize all the pieces laying them out making sure they are square. Now nail the frame together with a hammer and you’re done with step one!
  1. Setting the frame comes next. Setting the frame inside the opening and using a level to guarantee the legs of the frame are plumb. Use shims to adjust the frame inside the opening and to offer a nailing surface.
  1. Level the frame at the top of the door and use shims to adjust and provide a nailing surface.
  1. Attaching the frame comes next, but remember to check that any adjustments you made keep the frame in a level and plumb position. Nail through the shims to attach the frame into position. You can also use screws instead.
  1. Trim the door to fit. Once you measure the doors opening you can add the track dimension in. The bottom of the door can be scored with a utility knife.
  1. Attach the top track using manufacturers provided hardware and following their instructions to attach the top track of the door frame.
  1. Install the door brackets and rollers, mounting them on the upper end of the door, checking to see that they won’t interfere with the movement of the rollers.
  1. Set the door rollers inside the track on the top and hang the door in place. Do the same for the next door.
  1. Check and adjust to make certain the doors are level and adjust accordingly with the roller and bracket hardware.
  2. Install the floor guides and door hardware following the manufacturers specifications. You want the doors to be able to slide easily through the opening.

Tips for Closet Doors

The type of door you choose for your room is up to you. As a good rule of thumb, knowing where your closet will be located and how much space you have in the room will help you determine the kind of door best suited for you. You want to pick a style that gives you easy access to everything inside your room, and reflects the parts of your home that make you the happiest.

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