3 Interior Design Ideas for Summer 2019

Summer is here, and that means warm weather, cheer, and excitement! It also means that it is time to update the interior of your home with a light and bright look. With these three summer decoration ideas, you can quickly transform any drab looking living space to a bright and lively setting. Summer is all about outdoor fun, the beach, and adventure, so why not bring some of that spark into your home? Make your house or condo look like a beautiful coastal inspired cottage or a summer beach house.

Many of us assume that a home makeover is expensive – and they can be. However, you don’t actually have to spend a lot in order to incorporate these fun ideas in your home. You simply have to get creative and use some of these fun decoration ideas for your inspiration.

Colorful Floral Arrangements

There are no two ways around it – summertime means color. So, brighten up your interior space with some colorful floral arrangements. The spring and summer seasons are all about lush greens, colorful flowers and the breezy outdoors. By adding blossoming trees or a bright bunch of flowers in a glass or neutral colored vase to a bookshelf, you are instantly bringing the summer season indoors.

Create a floral arrangement with some fun shades of flowers and place it in the entryway, on a side table in your hall, living room or near a wall niche. The same summer house ideas and themes can be applied to various other areas of your house as well.

Bright and Bold Decor

Now, this idea is not for everyone. If you prefer warm and pastel shades in your home than the bright, cheerful colors of summer might not be for you. However, if you are looking for a way to bring the spirit and feel of summer into the interior of your home using bright and bold decor is an easy, and affordable way to do it. After all,  summer is all about flowers, colors, and sun. So, make your home look like a summer-inspired space with some bold and bright hues. Why not use a yellow backdrop with some nautical summer room decor? Or add white furniture and lush plants to brighten up a room?  Another great option is to add bright yellow or a bold pink and turquoise to a room. This makes a perfect summer backdrop. By doing any of these, you are choosing a bold backdrop that is sure to be noticed. Finishing the look with neutral colors and furniture. Tip: Make sure that you don’t overcrowd the area with a lot of summer decoration or matching flowers.

Take Advantage of Natural Light

There are so many advantages to natural light, and the best part is that it can be used all year long – and is virtually free. In the summer, opening up blinds and drawing back curtains are great ways to allow the summer sun to shine through. Mirrors, reflective surfaces, and glass doors will increase the impact that the sun has, making your space feel even more substantial and impressive.

While deciding on summer interior design ideas for your home, make sure that you use a variety of themes for each room. Don’t forget to use natural treasures as a key part of your decoration. By incorporating these into a  room or area with lots of natural light, you’ll be able to bring the summer inside and get even more out of this colorful season.

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