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March 2021

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 Components of a Modern Office

 Components of a Modern Office

Over the years, the dynamics of an office space have completely transformed. They’re much more accessible, flexible, and fast.

That has a great deal to do with the way they are designed. But how, you may ask?

Let’s take a stroll into an ideal modern office to find out!

Eased Communication Flow: Introducing Sliding Doors

Traditional offices were often characterized by a gap between the higher management and the employees. This meant a closed-door policy and secretary culture. It also created lags in communication.

By opting for sliding doors, you open your workplace to embrace newer ideas and free flow of information – with less to no hindrance. Glass sliding doors are best for this. Not just a symbolic display of bridging the gap, but they also make the employees more connected; more approachable.

Employee lounges and meeting rooms can also be set up with sliding doors and fixed panels to provide an environment of openness.

Efficient Space Utilization: Room Dividers and Partitions

A multistorey building, long corridors, closed-off cabin; in the past grand offices could be described this way.

Now, companies are opting for larger open spaces where employees have the chance to interact, work together, and assist each other.

But surely everyone can’t be sitting right next to each other? Modern offices have incorporated flexible room dividers and partitions to customize space efficiently and enhance staff productivity.

Aesthetic Data Storage: Glass Closets

Uncountable piles of paperwork and documents stocked up, but nowhere to put them – is this how today’s office spaces should be?

Workplaces nowadays have come with the idea of glass closets to manage their storage. They take up less space, are easier to organize, and keep the desks neat and clean for work!

Modernize Your Office Today!

Looking to go modern and efficient with your office interior?

Check out KNR Sliding Doors’ contemporary interior doors and custom sliding closet doors today.

A modern office awaits you!


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