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February 2019

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Frameless Sliding Doors

Various Styles of Frameless Doors

There are hundreds of options that are available for offices when they are looking for ways to divide up space – one of them being frameless doors. Frameless doors offer many options regarding size, space, and design. There are three main options when choosing a frameless door: glass doors, wooden doors, and doors that match the walls in the room.

Glass doors

Glass doors are great for rooms that already have glass walls/doors or rooms with not a lot of sight lines. Glass frameless doors can open up a space very easily without compromising privacy or light flow. Glass is a common fixture in a lot of modern offices, and the glass without a frame is a very modern and edgy way to open up a space.

Wooden doors

Wooden doors don’t really need a frame because they are of solid sightless construction anyway. They are more versatile without a frame and can come in many colors and sizes. Doors that blend in with the walls are great for keeping a space looking uniform. They can easily fit into the walls without a frame and look the same on either side.

Sometimes there is not a lot of space for installing doors and frames, and sometimes if the door is necessary, the office must forgo the door frame, which is a legitimate option with the wooden doors. Frameless doors give offices the option to add a fresh room divider that allows the space to be separated but open. There are many ways to add a frameless door to an office space.

Door construction options

There are many door construction options. Some of the most popular are track doors, hinged doors, and pocket doors.

Track doors are great if there is not a lot of space and the office is looking for a cohesive unimpeded look. They can match the walls or can be created into seamless works of art to brighten the workspace. Track doors have rollers on the top and bottom and fit into a track that allows them to slide becoming completely parallel to the wall it is next to. It can come in one door that slides to one side or two French doors that slide to their own respective sides.

Hinged doors are just like the regular doors everyone sees on a daily basis. There is a door and hinges, and the door swings in and out. Without a frame, the doors become a little different stylistically. They are not hindered as much in regards to space constraints and can be attached to any wall without any construction work.

The last major frameless door – the pocket door – involves two walls. The pocket doors allow the wall to look solid and uninterrupted but still have a door that the user who knows it’s there can use. Though typically made a color that matches the walls so they can be hidden, there are other options that allow the doors to be seen, like colored or glass doors. Despite their outside appearance, they all function in the same manner by sliding into the wall or walls that they line up with. It’s great for a wall that doesn’t have any support beams on it.

All of these frameless door options are modern, safe, and very functional. They can be customized to fit any office and any offices projected aesthetic.

Glass Door Panels

Glass door panels are a popular and great way to separate space but still allow the light and sight lines to continue on. The most popular is a plain glass door, but there are also other options in the glass category. There are many ways to keep the glass as the material but change how it is projected visually. The different types of glass can include white glass, pearl glass, regular glass, tinted glass, frosted glass, and mirrored glass. All of these glass door and panel options can be set in frames or can be constructed as frameless doors.

Regular glass doors

Regular glass doors are exactly what they sound like – its regular glass that’s clear and see through.

White glass doors

White glass is almost as if someone took a regular glass door and evenly coated it with white spray paint. This option is very close to the pearl glass option, the similarities falling in the same color and light filtering categories, but they do not have the rainbow iridescence or swirled features.

Pearl glass doors

Pearl glass is glass with a whiteish iridescent swirl added to it. Pearl glass blurs the ability to view through the glass itself but still allows the flow of sunlight to breach through. Pearl glass is a great option to bring a tiny bit of whimsical color into the office space.

Tinted glass doors

Tinted glass is exactly what it sounds like – regular glass but tinted in a different color. There is almost an unlimited amount of options for color and shade with this style. The shade determines how the sight lines are affected. For example, if the color of the glass is light pink, then the visibility through the glass itself won’t be much different compared to a door or wall that is made out of black tinted glass like on a car.

Frosted glass doors

 Frosted glass is somewhat similar to pearl, though without the iridescent quality and less visibility. The frosted glass can be made as dense or as light as desired and typically blocks the view of anything but shapes and light.

Mirrored glass doors

Mirrored glass is great for rooms that you want to see out but don’t want anyone to see in. They are often used in conference rooms and allow the room to be private. If the mirrored glass is placed on the outside wall, the space reflects itself allowing it to seem bigger and brighter. On the inside, it allows for privacy, but it doesn’t hinder the sight lines from the rest of the office and allows more light in than a regular wall would.

All of these glass door options can be fitted into a customized frame or they can be frameless. This leaves not only the dozens of various unique options for the glass itself but a dozen more for the edge styling. There are more than enough options just simply in the glass door category with the regular glass, white glass, pearl glass, tinted glass, frosted glass, and mirrored glass to match the office space or create a unique feature.

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