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December 2018

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Soundproof Office Partitions

When deciding on office partitions, one thing to consider is how soundproof they should be. Some people work best with complete silence. Therefore, soundproof room dividers can be incredibly beneficial and conducive to working conditions. They can absorb sounds and create a quiet, productive work environment.

However, with soundproof partitions comes seclusion. In some companies, teamwork is the ultimate goal. That being said, installing acoustic, or soundproof, dividers into an office space can take away some of that teamwork atmosphere.

Regardless, there are some definite benefits of working in an office with acoustic partitions. We will take a look at some of the benefits, as well as some of the options for soundproof office dividers.

Benefits of Soundproof Office Partitions

As was stated before, soundproof office partitions can increase productivity and enhance production. Many people work best in quiet conditions. That being said, acoustic panels in an office building may benefit the employees and the company’s production greatly.

Another benefit of installing soundproof partitions is the affordability. It is quite possible to find quality partitions that are still affordable as well. With a little investigation, acoustic office dividers are easy to find and easy to install.

Increased privacy can also be beneficial in certain work circumstances. If an employee needs to make a call with an important client, it may help if they have total privacy. Also, hosting meetings in an office space is much easier when that space is private and soundproof. Some client information is important and sensitive. Therefore, having a private area to meet with clients can be incredibly beneficial to an employee, as well as the company for whom they work.

Drawbacks of Soundproof Partitions

While there are many advantages to choosing soundproof office room dividers, some may argue that there are disadvantages as well. First of all, some companies prefer that their employees work together and that they build a teamwork mentality. Working behind acoustic partitions can deter this mentality somewhat.

If employees are working in separate offices with little contact during the day, they are not going to have too much sense of being a team. Because of this, some employers might opt for partial dividers, glass dividers, or possibly even no dividers. It is dependent upon the company and the employees.

Options for Soundproof Office Dividers

There are plenty of options for office room dividers. So how do you know which one is the best for your office? If it is a soundproof partition you are looking for, then doing your research is the best way to find it.

While there are many affordable options, the best way to go about it is to do research and read reviews. There are various materials and companies out there that provide acoustic partitions for the office. Some of them are of great quality, some of them are affordable, and some of them are both. Looking into all different options is your best bet for finding the right option for you and your company.

Interior Sliding Doors

Office room dividers

Office room dividers are a great way to separate office spaces without spending a lot of time and money on construction. There are different types of room dividers – one being a sliding door system. There are different types of sliding door systems available like straight sliding doors, single sliding doors, and bi-parting sliding doors.

Straight sliding door

Straight sliding doors are mounted onto a single track and they slide inside or flat against the wall. These doors are great for spaces that do not have a lot of extra space because they slide into or beside the walls that already exist.

There are many door options that also allow more or less visibility. There are glass and partial glass doors, wooden doors, light metal doors, anything is possible. With the glass options, the doors create a separate divided space but allow the continual flow of light and sight lines.

Single sliding doors

 Single sliding doors are a larger category that straight sliding doors are a part of. Single sliding doors include straight sliding doors that slide into the adjoining wall or adjacent walls. There are also other options within this category, including doors that roll up to the side almost like an accordion. There are also doors that slide up like garage doors or slip up straight into the upper half of the wall.

Single sliding accordion doors have seams that limit the use of glass and several other typically used styles. With the garage style single sliding doors, any of the average styles can be used if they are the type that rise above without changing shape. The back of the garage style doors can be designed to match the ceiling or designed to enhance a space artistically.

Bi-parting sliding door

Bi-parting sliding doors are similar to single sliding doors, but, rather than moving to one side, they part in the middle and move in two pieces from the middle. The two pieces slide into the corresponding walls or parallel to them. These doors can be built with wood, glass, or metal with varying build options. There are great recycled material options as well.

There are many styles like old barn doors, freight doors, garage door panels, corrugated metal depending on how unique the space is. There is the standard glass with a wooden frame or solid wood too. These doors offer efficiency and flexibility. There are also options to open up a space even more with glass doors with matching glass walls. The bi-parting sliding door can attach to an already existing wall easily and doesn’t take up space when opened.

There are many great options for the modern or space conscious offices, including but not limited to straight sliding doors, single sliding doors, and bi-parting sliding doors. Each door option offers many customizable options that can be tailored to each space and what’s already built. Office room dividers in the form of sliding doors are a great way to add privacy to offices without having to commit to the construction of permanent walls.

Open Office Space vs. Partitioned Office Space

There have been various speculations about whether or not installing office room dividers or partitions in the office is beneficial to productivity and worker morale. According to some, separating employees is the best way to boost production in the workplace. However, to some, it is a way to kill teamwork and company morale.

But how do you know if it is better to put up partitions, sliding doors, or room dividers in the office, or to keep everyone working together? Below we will look at some of the reasons for keeping an open office space, as well as for partitioning off the office.

Pros of Open Office Space

According to some people, it is healthier to have an open office layout than to have the areas partitioned off. The reason for this is increased levels of activity during the workday. Also, open office space has been linked to lower levels of stress because of the sense of community it builds.

It is well-known that office workers tend to be more sedentary than people in other professions. That being said, some people believe that keeping the office area open is a way to reduce this sedentariness and create a bit more movement around the office.

Cons of Open Office Space

While some people think that an open office space creates a community, it is also believed that it can be distracting and reduce productivity. If people are around each other all the time, they will more than likely become friends, or, at least, talk amongst themselves. This can, unfortunately, be a bit distracting during working hours.

That is why a lot of people think that partitioning of the office space is conducive to better productivity.

Pros to Partitioned Office Space

By creating individual workspaces for employees, it can be seen as improving and increasing productivity in the office. While it is important to most companies to maintain a strong sense of community in their workplace, it is also very important that everyone be able to work at their own pace and have their own space to work in.

That is why using office dividers can be very beneficial to companies. Whether they are cubicles or glass partitions, giving everyone a bit of privacy can increase their concentration.

Cons of Partitioned Office Space

As was stated before, the office life can be rather sedentary. This is not a healthy lifestyle at all. That is why partitioning off the office space can be more unhealthy in the long run.

Allowing coworkers to interact can be more active and can help with any health issues in the long run. It can also increase the sense of community and decrease the level of stress in the workplace.

Whether or not your company decides to partition off its office space is dependent upon the employees themselves. It is important to check in with them and decide which is best for your office and the well being of the employees.

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