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August 2017

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The Advantages of Wood Doors

The Advantages of Wood Doors

Wood is a natural resource and one of the most popular elements of home décor. It has unique properties that can make it the best choice over many other materials. Below, there are the main advantages of natural wood doors.

Natural solid wood is the most popular material for traditional designs. Depending on the type you choose, it can feature different patterns and colors. Installing a new efficient wood door should deliver functionality along with aesthetics. Even though solid wood is a bit worse of a sound insulator as glass doors, the air cells in the wood help block heat loss. Besides, it can also seal air leakage much better than any other door.

Wood doors which come with the topcoat finish don’t require any special maintenance. They are extremely durable and can withstand decades of regular use. If the door gets scratched, you can easily seal the crack.



One of the main reasons wood doors are so popular is because nothing can beat their elegance and warmth. Natural wood have luxurious look and feel added to them. Thus, owing this ubiquitous charm and timeless elegance, they are the main choice of many homeowners. Why settle for cheaper, ungainly imitations of natural wood when the real wood is available. Besides, only quality natural wood can last for years. And wood can be customized per your requirements. Wood isn’t just fits nicely in any design, it embraces the room.


Natural wood isn’t prone to a change in size owing to temperature and humidity changes. Wood is a bad conductor of heat and one of the best insulators on the market (only the glass doors are better!) In the long run, the efficiency you get out of wood doors can even help you save dollars as it keeps the house warmer during winter and cool during summer.

Wood doors are quite efficient at keeping out sounds. Additionally, natural quality wood isn’t affected by temperature changes. And since it is a bad conductor of heat, it is also less prone to condensation.


Wood requires very minimum maintenance and has a very long life especially when the good quality wood is used. With proper care, these doors will last a lifetime. The strength of wood doors is also impressive. They will not crack or chip over time, and they will not be perforated by moved furniture or other items around the house.

When you pair a wood door with a good set of hinges, it will hold up to the hardest use. There is also a wide range of wood to choose from, allowing you to choose the one that blends well with the interior design scheme and the feel and style of the house. Moreover, the wood isn’t prone to rust which is often the main factor for many locations especially with high humidity levels. Wood neither bends easily nor it gets dented like other materials.

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