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October 2016

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Giving a Contemporary look to a room

Adding Character and a Contemporary look to a room; Using Sliding Doors as the Main Feature


Sliding doors have become an important trend in the interior design world and this is due to the fact that they add warmth, text and peacefulness to a room.


Make Your Bedroom Cozy with a Sliding Door


When thinking about remodeling the house, the bedroom is usually the best place to start. It is a suitable place for such a feature in order to make it inviting and cozier. The best thing about sliding doors is that they can adapt varying styles, thus if your bedrooms is feeling a little old fashion, rusty and dull this feature would add character to it. By taking advantage of the warmth, peace and brightness a sliding door adds to the room, the bedroom décor is accentuated to appear bright, neutral and simple. Playing around with the different elements found in a room such as the colors of throw rugs, will compliment the contemporary style and look.


Partitioning Rooms


In instances where there is need to create more space in a room, merging the room with the adjacent one can be achieved by bringing down the wall.  After which the introduction of a sliding door serves to merge them as one and thus creating a larger space. In such a scenario, glass sliding doors are ideal so as to create an aura of brightness and airy effect: making the room seem larger and brighter.


In small spaces where a single room is used as living and sleeping quarters, one can use a sliding wall to partition and obscure the sleeping area.

Whereas, rooms with multi-functions, can have sliding barn doors used to differentiate their functions. This is most practical in scenarios where one wishes to keep a study area private and different from the living room. The same can be applied when one has the need to differentiate an office, a laundry room, a work space and other private spaces from the rest of the house. In situations like this, playing around with the door colors and textures that blend in with the walls can bring out a stylish and harmonized look.


Bringing In More Light


Adding light to a room makes it appear calm, peaceful, bigger, brighter and natural. More light also adds value to a room while making it appear more stylish and modern. Sliding windows and doors are popularly used to achieve this effect; they let in natural light and are easy to use. This change can be achieved by widening the windows and Sliding paneled glass walls fitted as replacements. Bringing down old windows and erecting wider glass windows will ensure more light filters in. The windows can be paneled and frosted glass used in patches to bring out a dramatic and fashionable effect that matches the decor.

This look can be completed and complimented if the doors too are replaced with sliding glass patio doors that open up to a patio or deck. This takes the inside of the room outside and brings the outside inside. The patio or deck design will compliment the new sliding doors to give the room an excellent ambiance and finish.



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