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August 2016

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How to measure for closet doors

Replacing closet doors can see like a daunting task if you have never done it before. There are so many different kinds and sizes and not to mention they can get really heavy! While we can’t help on the install, we can offer you some advice. That’s why we have a few hints to get you started in the right direction.

First you need to gather some measurements. Measure the width of your doorway from each inside edge. Take multiple measurements at different heights. Depending on the year your home was built or the quality of the framer, there may be some varying sizes due to settlement or just poor craftsmanship.

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Next you will want to measure the height of your doorway from the floor to the inside edge. Do the same thing here by taking at least two measurements in case your doorway leans a little one way or the other.

If you do find that your door is not exactly square, you have a few options. The first option would be to re-frame the doorway. This requires removing the trim and jamb by cutting away what you currently have and making the corners and edges square. If you are making this a DIY project this may be more of a headache than you want.  Most likely you will end up with a larger doorway here than you had in the beginning.

Another option you have is to opt for a door that will fit within the perimeters you have been given. The result of this will be a gap in some areas and no gap in other areas. These imperfections can be hidden with some trim added along the edges of your doorway.

If you are lucky enough to have a square doorway, you simply need to go in search of a door that will fit your opening. No matter if you’re purchasing the perfect door or a makeshift door, it will likely still need some adjustments. More times than not you will have to cut the bottom of the door in order to have enough room for whatever flooring material it will come in contact with. If you have carpet you do not want the door to rub at any point because it will damage the quality of your flooring. The same idea goes with your hardwood flooring. Nothing hurts more than the first scratch placed upon hardwood floors. This is a great place to follow the ‘measure twice, cut once’ rule.

One final detail when adding a door to any space, including your closet, is the door swing. This might be an easy thing to understand for some and not so easy for others. The easiest way to determine which direction you need your door to swing is to stand with your back against the wall where the door hinges will be. If you want the door to open to your left, you need a left hand door. Likewise, if you want the door to open to the right, you need to purchase a right hand door. It is as simple as that.

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